Effective Advertising Campaigns: Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising (Bing), Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter

Developing revenue-generated strategy with Paid Advertising.

Set-Up: $499 ONLY

setting up Effective Paid Advertising Campaigns?

We offer:

Setting Up Advertising Account

Setting Up Advertising Account

Auditing Advertising Campaign

Auditing Advertising Campaign

Advertising Campaign Optimization

Advertising Campaign Optimization



Paid Advertising (PPC/PPV):

  • Project Management
  • Campaign Management
  • Google Ads (Adwords)
  • Microsoft Advertising (Bing Ads)
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Instagram Marketing
  • Pinterest Marketing
  • Twitter Marketing
  • A/B Testing
  • Retargeting


  • Individual Strategy for You and Your Business
  • No Need to Overpay. Blorax is All-in-One Solution
  • Highest Level of Privacy and Security
  • Affordable Price
  • Minimum Deadlines
  • Professionally and Efficiently

Scheme of cooperation:

Paid Advertising (PPC/PPV)1

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Paid Advertising (PPC/PPV)2


Paid Advertising (PPC/PPV)3


Paid Advertising (PPC/PPV)4


How my AD will Looks like? Just check our example:

Blorax Partners

We have experience in all aspects of Paid Advertising (PPC/PPV) that helps you and your business discover the full potential and realize your ideas. Our professionals will build a successful strategy to promote business through Google Ads (Google Adwords), Microsoft Advertising (Bing Ads), Facebook and Instagram Networks

We will find new clients for you!

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