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Effective Social Media Marketing (SMM)

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Social Business Page Design

Social Business Page Design

Building Loyal Audience

Building Loyal Audience

Social Media Activity

Social Media Activity

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Content Marketing Strategy

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Roman Muchka and his team did a GREAT job. Thanks for the website, analytics, database management, security implementation, and resultative advertising campaigns, especially for workers` compensation and no-fault cases.
D. Bernstein
Daniel Bernstein, DDS
Owner. Modern Dentistry
Щиро дякую компанії Блоракс за пророблену роботу, красивий вебсайт та оптимізацію конверсій. Особливо задоволена роботою та результатом рекламних кампаній в Facebook, Instagram та Google Ads. Обов'язково рекомендуватиму Вас.
Inna M.
Inna M.
Owner. Orzado Україна
Blorax Inc. offers a one-stop solution for all of an organization's needs. Their talented developers create a fantastic website for us by balancing quality and quickness. Totally satisfied.
James Martin
Business Owner


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What is SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING (SMM) and Why is it so important for any type of Business?

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is the process of promoting products and services on social media websites and networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, and TikTok. With its amazing advantages of reaching millions of clients worldwide, social media is quickly rising to the top of the most used digital marketing strategy. And if You aren’t using this profitable source, You’re missing out on a great marketing opportunity because it makes it simple to spread the word about Your service, product, and brand on social media networks.

Our main focus is on the following: 

➢ Social Media Advertising

As part of your digital marketing strategy, you can run a paid advertising campaign on social media platforms. This is known as Social Media Advertising. This strategy is investing money to promote content on social media platforms in order to reach interested leads and motivate them to check out your business.

The ability to reach a much wider audience than your present following is one of the main advantages of using paid social media advertising. The user’s interests and activities, general demographic information like age, gender, location, and language, as well as emails, phone numbers, and friend lists, are all things that social media networks know about their users.

These details enable you to target a qualified audience on social media advertising platforms who are most likely to be interested in your products and services.

Our main focus is on the following:

➢ Social Media Management

Our social media marketing experts from Blorax will give results at a cost you can afford, whether you’re trying to start a social media presence or improve the one you already have.

However, posting or sharing material on social media networks is only a small part of efficient social media management. It’s important to understand your target audience. It requires the creation of a strategy. It involves identifying opportunities and acting when they matter. Our team can help achieve these key goals. 

➢ Social Media Design

The process of designing, organizing, and creating the esthetics for your social media accounts is referred to as social media design. Additionally, it covers the creation of visual content that advances that style.

The most popular types of content in social media design are graphics for social media posts, Cover photos and profile picture images, Instagram and LinkedIn story graphics and templates, Header images (for example, on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn), Instagram Reel, and more.

Because visual material is more frequently shared on social media, using social media graphics to enhance your message has the potential to significantly increase its impact. Visuals help your brand differentiate itself from others online.

➢ YouTube Social Media Advertising

Since YouTube is the second-most-visited website in the U.S., it really makes sense for any business to make investments in YouTube advertising and promote its brand, product, and service.

Experts from Blorax can help run an effective advertising campaign on YouTube with Video ads and Non-Video ads.

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