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Branding and Logo Design

Branding and Logo Design

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Project Planning & Template

Project Planning & Template

Mobile-Friendly Web Design

Mobile-Friendly Web Design

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Prices & Estimates 

Logo Design2 Rounds of Revisions$250

  • Design Ad Creative: Square, Rectangle, Icon
  • Source provided

✅ $50/hour for custom task

  • Estimated Deadline: 2-5 Days

Ad Design2 Rounds of Revisions$190

  • Design Ad Creative: Square, Rectangle, Story
  • Source provided

✅ $150 per next Ad Creative

✅ $50/hour for custom task

  • Estimated Deadline:
    1-3 Days

Business Card2 Rounds of Revisions$300

  • Single-Sided Design
  • Source provided

✅ $150 for backside

✅ $50/hour for custom task

  • Estimated Deadline:
    2-5 Days
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What our clients said about digital marketing and web development from Blorax

Roman Muchka and his team did a GREAT job. Thanks for the website, analytics, database management, security implementation, and resultative advertising campaigns, especially for workers` compensation and no-fault cases.
D. Bernstein
Daniel Bernstein, DDS
Owner. Modern Dentistry
Щиро дякую компанії Блоракс за пророблену роботу, красивий вебсайт та оптимізацію конверсій. Особливо задоволена роботою та результатом рекламних кампаній в Facebook, Instagram та Google Ads. Обов'язково рекомендуватиму Вас.
Inna M.
Inna M.
Owner. Orzado Україна
Blorax Inc. offers a one-stop solution for all of an organization's needs. Their talented developers create a fantastic website for us by balancing quality and quickness. Totally satisfied.
James Martin
Business Owner


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What is Web Design and Why is it so important for any type of Business?

The effectiveness of an online marketing strategy is greatly influenced by the design of the promoted website. Investing in a modern design of the website, that encourages people to learn more about the promoted company, will help to achieve the best marketing results and goals. There are the following main services we are focused on:

➢ Website Design

Blorax’s website designers help you expand your online presence, make more sales, and help your business grow. Our professional web design team has the knowledge and specialized skills in designing cutting-edge websites with the main focus on conversion.

➢ Logo Design

The logo is an essential component of every company’s branding, as it is the primary point of contact with potential clients. Skilled designers from Blorax will be happy to transform any ideas into a modern logo that best describes the business, product, or service.

➢ Business Card Design

The business card is a fantastic method to provide business credentials and information and leave a lasting impression. It gives you a chance to promote yourself. It’s an effective networking tool that allows you to make the proper connections.

A business card helps to minimize the distance between your company and potential consumers. Our talented team can create the best business cards available online. 

➢ Custom Design

Do you have any special requirements or do you just need to do any custom web design work? Just contact us for assistance and our professional designer will help.

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