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Today we cannot imagine promoting our products or company without advertising on the Internet. More people are taking all the information from the global network and almost all companies use the Internet for their promotion. However, not all companies have a website. So, many people have one question: can we promote our company in Google Ads without a website? We will reveal this in this article.

Do we always need a website when we want to promote our company?

As we mentioned earlier almost all companies have their own website. Other companies can promote their products with Google Ads if these products or services are simple. Such as a car service station, beauty salon, electronics repair workshop, car wash, or other services. When people are searching for services like these, they want to find the nearest workshop, because the prices of these services are the same in all companies. People do not visit the websites of these companies. They need only the phone number and address of the nearest company. On this occasion, companies can use advertising on Google Ads without a website.

How can we use advertising on Google Ads without a website?

We need to write that ads will show firstly phone number. Only people, who can make a phone call with one touch, will see ads on their devices. Users can click on a phone number or any text in ads and call the company. Ads like these are very useful when calls from the target audience are important. The product or service description, which is advertised, should be understandable to the target audience. Otherwise, when customers want to find your site, they cannot do it.

The advertisement will be effective if it includes the following information:

  • Phone number;
  • Name of the company;
  • Address;
  • Working hours;
  • Brief description of the company’s work.

Ads will be more successful with this information. In addition, people will get the information, they need.

The algorithm of such advertising looks like these:

  • Ad is shown on Google after the auction;
  • The customer clicks on the phone number or the name of the company;
  • The indicated number is opening on the device;
  • The customer makes a phone call;
  • The cost indicated per click is paid.

You need to fill in text fields to create advertising in Google Ads without a website: a phone number, the name of the company, and a description.

Pros of advertising on Google without a website.

The way of promotion companies like this has a few positive sides:

  • The order is executed extremely quickly;
  • The customer clicks twice for the target action
  • The customer does not need to wait for the website to load. Some sites can load very slowly and customers leave them.

The format of advertising without a website is very useful for companies, which need to check their trading positions and do not want to pay a lot of money for this.

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